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), where the Lawrence boys really were born, though they now live mostly in Hollywood, in a split-level house with their mother, Donna, a former teacher, and their father, Joe, who owns an insurance brokerage.

(Both parents are co-producers of the show.) Andy plays Andy Roman, a mask-and-costume-wearing, superhero-loving cutie-pie. "Well, I don't know." How is it to work with your brothers? They're so nice to me on the set." Oh, you're so unspoiled and respectful of your siblings, both of whom you gracefully acknowledge "made the path" into acting possible for you.

"All Joey ever wanted to do was to 'be in the television,' literally," his mother says. Andy says, "Usually Joey and Matt are the ones who fight, but just about stupid, little things." Care to dish any family dirt, Andy?

WE TRY TO KEEP their lives as normal and straightforward as possible," Mrs. The Lawrence family's entry into show business began, she said, when a photograph of Joey Lawrence, who looked just like Andy when he was younger, won first place in a contest.

"No-one cares if you have different politics but claiming we just pretend not to agree to get work? You stay classy."A barrage of abuse later, and Lawrence once again took to Facebook to clarify his remarks – particularly on "women-posing-as-comedians", which a number of his followers deemed to be sexist."Because there is currently not a sufficiently large enough pool of female comedians with the requisite experience and ability to fill the quota, there are females who've been booked for these shows who are either poor comedians, not comedians at all, or aspiring female comedians that are still learning their craft, but have not yet reached a decent professional standard," he attempted."These females I have described as 'women-posing-as-comedians'.

Stop kidding yourself."Still, I can understand you wouldn't like to have to now actually justify your ridiculous assertions. The upshot of all that is that there are still many women coming across incredibly badly on panel shows, which is helping to perpetuate the myth that women aren't funny."The hope is that women currently on panel shows, will further legitimise stand-up comedy as a career for women and encourage other women to take up comedy.

HOW MANY ACTORS WILL Honestly admit that they're not crazy about sushi but love lizards (not to eat but to play with) and their mother's cooking (not to play with but to eat)?

And how many are able to walk that rare, thin line of polite openness while maintaining a high level of integrity, expressive but not tawdry, reserved but not secretive? I have to keep that private." And how many simply find foreign the usual phony, practiced attempts at humility so that when asked if they ever tire of hearing how cute they are, they respond, genuinely, "Once in a while, but not really"? I read "Batman" and "Spawn." P: What are your favorite TV shows?

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In January 2015, they attended Harry Styles’ 21st birthday party in Los Angeles, then they were seen enjoying a cozy weekend in New York City in April, and again spotted together in May in Los Angeles.

However in August 2015, multiple sources told PEOPLE Lawrence and Martin broke up for the final time.